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The World of Words 2024 Announcement

Delighted to unveil an exciting addition to the World of Words program at WOMAD 2024: The World of Words stage will be curated by the independent, investigative newspaper Byline Times.

Byline Times is set to infuse the WOMAD Festival with a diverse array of voices from literature, politics, and comedy. Attendees can anticipate an immersive experience featuring live podcast recordings, thought-provoking panel discussions, engaging author sessions, and appearances by esteemed journalists, writers, comedians, as well as intriguing personalities such as an ex-spy and a member of the House of Lords.

Stephen Colegrave, co-founder of Byline Times, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The ethos of WOMAD is closely aligned with our own values. We share a commitment to independence and the amplification of underrepresented voices. We look forward to sparking meaningful discussions, challenging perspectives, and fostering laughter, all while championing diversity and open-mindedness.”

Beyond the stage, the World of Words promises a plethora of attractions, including the esteemed Mr B’s Bookshop, the enchanting Poetry Shop, and interactive giant crosswords. Stay tuned for the eagerly anticipated lineup announcement for the Hip Yak Poetry Shack!

For those eager to join this vibrant celebration of words and ideas, tickets are available now.

Byline Times, a subscription-funded independent newspaper, is dedicated to uncovering stories often overlooked by mainstream media. With a steadfast commitment to combating corruption and injustice, Byline Times serves as a platform for voices marginalized elsewhere, ensuring that vital narratives are heard.


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