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Wilderness Festival Unveils Exciting Late-Night Lineup

As evening falls, Wilderness Festival shifts into a different gear. The Valley fills with music, lasers light up the forest, and the hills take on a golden hue as the party begins.

Festival-goers can join various gatherings, each offering unique late-night entertainment.

Letters Live returns with another secret lineup of performers for a special late-night show. Past performers have included Olivia ColmanBenedict Cumberbatch, and Sir Ben Kingsley, promising high-caliber entertainment.

For those seeking a lively night, The House of Sublime offers three distinctive clubs. The Cat’s Whiskers Cocktail & Cabaret Club features top-notch cocktails and a talented cabaret troupe, blending sophistication and excitement.

On Sunday night, the Bloodshot Supper Club by Robin Gill concludes the festival with a tasting menu, guest chefs, surprise entertainment, music, and a festive atmosphere. The Forum turns into an after-hours Comedy Club, and the Playing Fields host Night Games like Disco Dodgeball and Jenga Death Match under UV lights. For a unique experience, attendees can join a Biofluorescent Night Walk through the Wychwood Forest on Thursday night.

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